eCW 11e Syllabus for Front Desk Employees

1 - Logging into eCW 11e (video)

2 - The Left Panel in eCW 11e (video)

3 - The Jellybeans in eCW 11e (video)

4 - The Hub in eCW 11e (video)

5 - The Right Panel in eCW 11e: Introduction (video)

6 - The Right Panel in eCW 11e: The Overview Tab, I (video)

7 - The Right Panel in eCW 11e: The Overview Tab, II (video)

8 - The Right Panel in eCW 11e: DRTLA, History, and CDSS Tabs (video)

9 - Telephone and Web Encounters: Introduction (video)

10 - Making and changing appointments in eCW 11e (video)

11 - Creating and updating actions in eCW 11e (video)

12 - Adding a new patient in eCW 11e (video)

13 - Checking a patient in for an appointment in eCW 11e (video)

14 - Managing referrals in eCW 11e (video)

15 - Collecting and recording copayments and ROA payments (video)

16 - Scanning and working with the fax inbox (video)

17 - Printing the patient visit summary (video)

18 - Setting up Workers' Compensation and MVA visits (video)

19 - Peer-to-Peer Communication (video)

For front desk employees and technicians creating lab or diagnostic image orders, the following 2 modules must also be viewed (the section on medication refills in module 10 can be ignored):

10 - Telephone and Web Encounters: Refilling medications and ordering labs and X-rays (video)

21 - Progress Notes: Ordering labs and diagnostic image studies from the treatment section of a progress note in eCW 11e (video)