eCW 11 Syllabus for Providers

1 - Logging into eCW 11 (video)

2 - eCW Navigation: The left panel (video)

3 - eCW Navigation: The jellybeans (video)

4 - The Hub in eCW 11 (video)

5 - The right panel: Introduction to the right panel in eCW 11 (video)

6 - The right panel: The Overview Tab, part 1(video)

7 - The right panel: The Overview Tab, part 2 (video)

8 - The right panel: DRTLA, History, and CDSS tabs (video)

9 - Telephone Encounters: Introduction (video)

10 - Telephone Encounters: Refilling medications and ordering labs/X-rays (video)

11 - Progress Notes: Introduction and navigation (video)

12 - Progress Notes: Adding a template to a note (video)

13 - Progress Notes: Entering a chief complaint and reconciling medications (video)

14 - Progress Notes: Entering allergies (video)

15 - Progress Notes: Entering vital signs (video)

16 - Progress Notes: Entering questionnaires (video)

17 - Progress Notes: Entering surgical history, hospitalizations, and family history (video)

18 - Progress Notes: Entering the social history, including tobacco and alcohol use smartforms (video)

19 - Progress Notes: Entering the review of systems into a progress note (video)

20 - Progress Notes: Entering an assessment into a progress note (video)

21 - Progress Notes: Entering lab and diagnostic image orders from a progress note (video)

22 - Progress Notes: Entering medication refills and publishing patient education to the Health Portal (video)

23 - Entering immunizations and therapeutic injections (video)

Creating and using macros in eCW 11 (video)

Creating and using lab aliases in eCW 11 (video)

Creating and using lab, DI, and procedure favorites in eCW 11 (video)

Creating and using mini-exam templates in eCW 11 (video)

Refilling medications in eCW 11 (video)

Sending P2P documents in eCW 11 (video)

Creating new visit templates using the "Save Note As Template" function in eCW 11 (video)

Writing Prescriptions in eCW 11 (video)