eCW 11 Videos

Quality Measure: Immunizations Quality Measure: Cancer Screening Quality Measure: Tobacco Use Status and Counseling Quality Measure: Depression Screening and Follow-Up Quality Measure: BMI Measurement and Follow-Up Quality Measure: Diabetic Eye and Foot Exam, and A1c Goal Making an Appointment in eCW 11 RAF Scores and HCC Codes in Smart Search in eCW 11 The Hub in eCW 11 How to Set Up and Send Referrals in eCW 11 How to Manage Scripts, Messages, and Labs/DI When You Are Away Creating, Updating, and Using Exam Templates in eCW 11 Refilling Medications in eCW 11 Linking a Scanned Document to an Order in eCW 11 Entering Immunizations in eCW 11 Using the Health Portal Entering an allergy in eCW 11 Creating Lab/DI Favorites in eCW 11 Ordering Labs and DI in eCW 11 Low Dose CT screening: Is Lung Cancer Screening Right for Me? Working with Alias Labs Macros in eCW 11 Introduction to eCW 11 (Basic Navigation) Scanning and Paperless Office Ordering a sleep study in eCW Customizing My Settings in eCW 11 Using Telephone Encounters in eCW 11 Patient Specific Templates in eCW 11 Using eEHx in eCW 11 Constructing a Basic Progress Note in eCW 11 Adding a Health Maintenance Alert to a Progress Note in eCW 11 Fibroscan: What is it? What Do the Results Mean? Adding a templet to multiple charts in eCW 11 Faxing From eCW 11 P2P Communication in eCW 11 Medication Reconciliation in eCW 11 The Transitional Care Management Module in eCW 11 and eCw 11e